The Father’s Cabin – Kingdom Living Series book 1

The Father’s Cabin
104 Pages
Cheryl R. Olson
ISBN 978-0998843513

This is an allegorical tale based on the Love of Christ and His Bride.

It’s a love Story of Joshua and Beth. The Father has built a cabin that is for her but she must learn what it take to be able to accept it.

Cheryl Olson

About Cheryl Olson (Other Author)

Cheryl Olson

Cheryl Olson is married to a wonderful husband and they have an adult daughter. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves to learn the skills of homesteadiing.

Cheryl is a home care worker and loves to help those she takes care of to live life to their fullest using the skills she uses herself.

Cheryl has an online business where she creates Jewelry from natural stones. Her goal in the next year is to add clothing from fiber of sheep, alpaca and other natural fibers.